eBay might of removed RSS but FeedBay adds it back 🖕 eBay

📰 Why?

In March 2022 eBay started removing the old RSS feed option from their search pages. This feature was used a lot by power users who had a lot of niche searches they needed to keep track of.

Personally I think eBay are run by idiots. This is a simple feature that makes me spend more money... I have disposible income and needed my RSS feeds to get a constant supply of stuff I want. Probably explains why sales for eBay sellers went down in March too 😑


FeedBay scrapes the search page. This method is a pain to maintain and has some issues but the eBay API is an even bigger pain to use and in some places mentions the Buying API's being paid for. I could not be bothered with that. This is not rocket science it's a bloddy search.

The beauty of the old RSS feeds was the ability to just take an eBay search URL and convert it into an RSS feed. Making complex filters very simple. The API would require converting all my existing RSS feeds. This is much simpler.

💻FeedBay is Open Source

I am not a great coder. And I probably cant host this for free forever so the code is on GitHub.

Feel free to report any issues or even submit a pull request if you want to make it better.

It is writen in NodeJS and uses about 120 lines of code to achive this. eBay likely had even less code to make this feature as they have direct access to the database. Screw eBay.

If you have a LOT of searches I strongly recomend you host this yourself as I am just one guy. And I assume eBay will rate limit this server eventually.